Ever since its creation in 1997, Agence Colonnes has been specialising in press relations adapted to the art and antiques market in France and abroad. Working closely with its clients, the agency develops communication strategies to drum up publicity for their events catering to a national and international audience of enthusiasts and collectors.

Among the agency’s regular clients is Association Carré Rive Gauche, which represents antique dealers and gallery owners in the 6th & 7th  arrondissements in Paris, the Carré Rive Gauche endowment fund, Parcours des Mondes, the Brafa and Paris Tribal. Some of the major art fairs have also chosen Agence Colonnes to represent them: the Biennale des Antiquaires de Paris, the TEFAF, Art Cologne, the Florence International Biennial Antiques Fair, the Salon du dessin, Paris Tableau, DDESSIN PARIS (contemporary art drawing firm), among others.
Throughout the twenty years of collaboration with its longstanding client, Carré Rive Gauche, Agence Colonnes has been handling the association’s press relations as well as its administrative and secretarial matters. It was also instrumental in the Carré’s expansion by backing and organising the creation of the Carré Rive Gauche endowment fund in 2015, with the aim of preserving French cultural heritage and encouraging the promotion of traditional craftsmanship and the ‘Made in France’ brand. This is why Agence Colonnes has been actively participating in setting up projects for the endowment fund, promoting such projects and organising appreciation events for sponsors.

Over the years, Agence Colonnes has also developed skills in the fields of tourism and insurance, especially as part of communication plans relating to the art and antiques market: the exhibition by the sculptor Isabelle Thiltgès in the Padirac Chasm, the presence of the insurance company AXA XL Art & Lifestyle at international trade shows such as TEFAF, Art Basel as well as Paris Tableau. Agence Colonnes assisted AXA XL Art & lifestyle in promoting research on corporate collections, for which the insurer had commissioned the academic Nathalie Moureau and provided its support. Recently, Agence Colonnes began collaboration with Hôtel Pont-Royal, on rue Montalembert, and with the painter and graphic designer Michel Joulé.

The wide array of its references attests to Agence Colonnes‘ ability to cater to highly varied expectations, while taking into account the unique imperatives of the various fields from which its references hail.

Some of Agence Colonnes‘ references include:
– the TEFAF, 2009-2011
– the Forum d’Avignon, 2013
– the Biennale des Antiquaires, Paris, 2010
– the DDESSIN contemporary drawing fair, 2010-2016
Galerie Kugel, 2006, 2008, 2010
Paris Fine Art, 2011-2012
Paris Tableau, 2012-2014
Paris Tribal, 2014-2015


The main services that Agence Colonnes had provided over the past three years included projects for the following sponsors:
Carré Rive Gauche (uninterrupted collaboration since 1997);
BRAFA (uninterrupted collaboration since 2009);
Salon du dessin, Palais Brongniart (uninterrupted collaboration from 2010-2016);
Parcours des Mondes (uninterrupted collaboration since 2013);
AXA XL Art & Lifestyle (uninterrupted collaboration since 2015)