Julie Lécuyer

Alix Lionni

Julia Maillard

As the agency’s director since January 2015, Julie Lécuyer joined Agence Colonnes in early 2011 after an eclectic educational journey punctuated with stints in a press agency, an art gallery and an artistic association. True to her literary training and leanings, backed up by successful missions focusing first on honing her foreign languages skills (English and Spanish), then on culture-oriented communication, Julie likes, above all, listening to others recount their own experiences in order to figure them out, and discussing common interests. As she works closely with each client, Julie seeks to render their instructions into projects by concentrating on their purpose without neglecting the personality and identity of the client’s organisation, and helping them to achieve their goals.

The latest addition to Agence Colonnes, Alix Lionni joined the team as a press officer and event project manager after completing research studies in Art history. Alix is a graduate of Panthéon-Sorbonne University. Specialising in the culture of the miraculous in Quattrocento Tuscany led Alix to live in Florence for three years. After graduating with a second Master’s degree in Heritage and Museum Studies, Alix worked as a researcher and documentalist behind the production of documentaries broadcast by the Franco-German television network ARTE, before applying her skills in communication and programming for Art history events. In her cheerful but diligent manner, Alix shares Julie’s appreciation for a job well done in an upbeat atmosphere. Positive, assertive and conscientious, she has proven to be a reliable interlocutor with the agency’s clients.

Press officer and Community Manager, Julia Maillard is the last link in Agence Colonnes. Since her early years, Julia has always been in tune with the beauty of the arts, and was drawn to the lush fields of culture, both from a creative point of view as well as from the perspective of research and heritage. With an academic background in humanities and having completed her thesis in Art history at EHESS, Julia made the decision to add weight to her skills by putting them into practice. Like a true-blue workaholic, through her flair for writing, Julia’s contribution to Agence Colonnes, includes her personal skills in writing and photography.

Every member of our team works independently on the projects to which they have been assigned. Nonetheless, team members are required to consult with one another before taking any major initiatives; regular team rundown meetings make it possible to guarantee that the project’s backward scheduling is followed, and allow members to participate in particular aspects of a campaign according to their respective areas of expertise. The languages written and spoken fluently at Agence Colonnes are English, Spanish and Italian.